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Captain’s Log

German Pilsner

Alc. 5%          IBU 22

join the Captain and set sail in search of this golden treasure that is sure to brighten the dreariest of days. Note the balance between the sweetness of the malt and the aromatic hops as they explore your taste buds. The Captain is sure to log this adventure, detailing your drinking experience with precision. This full flavored and stable beer has an unassuming taste that appeals to the masses  and is smooth sailing right to the end.

Dead Ahead

Irish Red Ale

Alc. 4.8%          IBU 21

travelling dead ahead will lead you directly to this delicious Irish Red! Smooth and spirited, we expect you to be charmed by this ruby coloured Ale; with a touch of honey and roasted barley, Dead Ahead Irish Red is sure to enchant even the crustiest of crew with its clean finish and caramel tones. Prepare to be entranced by an Irish Red.

Hazy Horizon


Alc. 5%          IBU 18

is inspired by the haze observed on the sea by many an explorer, navigating the thrill of the unknown while feeling hopeful of what is to come. Through the hazy horizon therein lies your path; on that path why not enjoy a deliciously unfiltered and misty brew of Hefeweizen. The wheat malt and yeast are carefully selected for this exquisite new blend that produce a signature clove character with sophisticated tartness. Explore this unique and unforgettable taste.


seasonal coming soon